Fly Fishing Fun for a Unique Engagement Photoshoot

June 28, 2016  •  4 Comments

This was my first fly fishing photoshoot and I had no idea what to expect. Within minutes of meeting this outdoorsy couple for their engagement pictures, they had me in boots that came up to my thighs and I knew there was no turning back. I just hoped I didn't fall in with my camera equipment!

Here are a few favorites that I wanted to share:

There were so many great opportunities to show off the ring that went right along with the fishing theme. I love these shots of her bling.

Aren't her red boots fabulous?! They MADE the outfit! And her beautiful lace dress was stunning. Here is how we finished up the session. The sign was perfect and very creative. What do you guys think of this gallery so far? I think fly fishing pictures were an awesome idea. Definitely one of my most memorable sessions to date. AND I DIDN'T FALL IN!!



The whole concept was incredibly creative and the pictures prove it!!! Such a beautiful couple!
Absolutely stunning you did a marvelous job.
Karen MacDonald(non-registered)
The best engagement pictures I've ever seen!
Lauren Buccelli(non-registered)
These are so creative and beautiful!!!
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